C.I.TOP S.A is a company located in Cali, Colombia, a sister company of Thin Oil Products LLC. dedicated to the origination of vegetable oil from Colombia, mainly palm oil and its derivatives, oriented to satisfy the needs of customers and suppliers. Reliability in the traceability of the chain of custody, through an efficient logistics management system, promoting sustainable development.




C.I Top S.A. for its operations in Colombia has two storage facilities and contracted ports, located in Cartagena and Tumaco.

Okianus Terminal is our liquid bulk terminal, located in Cartagena (Colombia), which has the infrastructure capable of storing 23,500 metric tons and receiving vessels carriers for import and export purposes.

Port of Tumaco (Colombia), liquid bulk storage terminal, with a capacity of 6,700 metric tons suitable for the reception of vessels for export processes mainly of high oleic palm oil.


In C.I. TOP, we believe that innovative technologies are the key to delivering effective results to our suppliers and customers.

Poliniza 6 is a product designed for the needs of our suppliers, providing multiple benefits and advantages to their crops of O x G oil palm, increasing the productivity of these and reducing costs.


  • Increase percentage of oil extraction.
  • Development of parthenocarpal fruits.
  • Wide induction window.
  • Recover the inflorescences that are normally lost on Sundays and bank holidays.


  • Avoid transporting water inside the crop.
  • Reduction of labor cost on bank holidays
  • Increases weight when a mixture with pollen is applied
  • Increase number of bunches to cut

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Cali – Colombia


(+572) – 661 7682

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