Thin Oil Products is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of bulk ocean freight and delivery.

The efficient handling of documents and quick payment to our suppliers are TOP’s priorities.

We know quality is measured by timely loadings and deliveries. Which is why TOP is known best for efficiency, reliability, consistency and excellence.

The TOP team takes careful thought and precaution when making decisions that affect thousands of tons of cargo.


Examples of services we offer:

Buy and sell your oil production

Buy and sell your RBD fractions and derivatives

Publish daily global market prices reports

Manage your hedging


We are committed to help transforming the industry to ensure responsible and sustainable development of the supply chain, minimizing social and environmental impacts for our present and future generations.


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We work with you for: The service, transparency, the integrity of the people with whom we interact, because you are always looking to support us in our different processes, for open and frank communication, for the seriousness of the organization, and for the collaborative spirit materialized in terms of: advances, flexibility in deliveries, and timely information.


HUMANITY, is the best word to define the relationship with TOP; To have friends who genuinely care about the person and the company in an honest way, allow us to live a meaningful experience. Together with good service, professionalism of its employees and opportunity in the payment, catapults them to the TOP of our clients. They really honor the name.

Unipalma de los Llanos S.A.

With Thin Oil, I have trust, openness, they deal with problems proactively, have transparency, are upfront, and I can deal with the owner directly.

Lipidos Santiga, Barcelona, Spain.

Thin Oil is a company that knows the market well. They are very trustworthy, they always stand by their word. We have to work with contracts, but with them we could well do without a contract.

Lipidos Santiga, Barcelona, Spain.

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